Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blame it on Facebook!

I feel awful. Achy. I should have known to take better care of myself. But it had been a week since I had been on facebook or even visited my own blog! So I stayed up late last night. With an earache. Now I feel terrible today. I hardly got any sleep at the conference. It was way too much fun to worry with sleep. And I stayed awake in all the conference talks. Without coffee. Now that means something, doesn't it? Back to today. I got up and worked out. That was for me. Hanging out on facebook, that was for me. Cleaning the kitchen instead of starting school with the kids - that was definitely for me. Sometimes I just can't think straight if the house is messy. I needed to control one area of the house. Why was the kitchen dirty? Oh yeah, facebook. I was going to hang out at Barnes and Noble while the kids were in Co-op classes. I was too achy to walk in the store, so I laid the seat back and slept in the car. For two hours. Sleeping in the car over a latte. Now you know how bad I feel.

About the messy house. Last night I was walking around and looking at the soccer cleats all over the floor. Instead of getting angry that the kids just threw them down, I thought about how small they were and how one day I would miss seeing little shoes all over the house. Good attitude, but ya know what? Fast forward 20 years and I'll probably still be picking up their shoes- or their kids' shoes! I must be feeling bad....


Stacy said...

Love your blog! Hope you are feeling better. Some of my crew have the Fall yuckies too.
A dirty house stresses I am ALWAYS stressed. It is never presentable...maybe one day....but then I will be sad at that is a no win situation! HA

weavermom said...

Feel better soon!

FaceBook does rock, doesn't it? :)