Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our annual sister–mom vacation

Yay for Sisters! And Mom! And this year, Dad!
Every year my mom and sisters and I meet up for a weekend away. This year is Charleston,South Carolina. We are having a great time, fun, full of laughter, and relaxing! This year we invited our dad to join us and he footed the bill for the hotel. Go dad! When I arrived yesturday, I could see that the town was even more beautiful and quaint than I had imagined, even through the torrent of rain.

My morning yesterday started off with a nice breakfast out with Mark, and then he rushed me to Memphis when the first leg of my flight (to Memphis) was cancelled at the departure time. I seriously ran through the airport and everyone in the security line let me go to the very front. That was cool – good ole southern hospitality! One lady laughed when I told her what time my flight was departing. But I made it and my luggage did too!

Back to the trip – we went to High Cotton for dinner the first night and it was great. We stayed up laughing in our nice two bedroom condo. Today was full of shopping at the open air market and all the cute shops on the streets around it. we had our annual carriage ride which really gave us a good layout of the history of Charleston. Lunch was of Mediteranian flair and everything was homemade. Of course we had our afternoon coffee break and then enjoyed another great dinner at Blossoms. The ghost tour of choice was to the town jail. It was full of history, but we saw no apparitions. After the ghost tour we rode the rickshaws (bicycle-manned two-seater cart rides) back to the hotel for the finale of dessert at High Cotton. I liked my dessert best, which was a chocolate mousse pie with oreo crust and surrounded with a chocolate shell. Our waitress was originally from the town I live in and took ballet lessons from my business partner’s mom. How random is that?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time. The scenery is so beautiful and your sister is your definitely twin. :)