Friday, October 3, 2008

Funeral of George Guerreri Jr.

Sad. Very Sad. Sad for the kids, wife Tina, brother Ron, and sister Judy. Sad for his father George Sr. Imagine burying a child. How lonely. He's buried his wife, and now his son. He's stuck in a wheelchair. He lives by himself. He watches the two young children and it tears at his heart. They have no idea and his hugs can't protect them. They don't even know that they need to rest in his arms. They just want to squirm and hug on their new bears and eat m&ms given by a thoughtful soul. Their mom Tina is thinking the same thing about the kids, knowing her hugs on them are more for her than them. She is also thinking - I have no idea what this means, no more husband, soul mate, best friend. The disbelief on her face reveals that she, like the kids, has not compreneded the situation. It is not real to her. And brother Ron realizes what has happened as much as one can and the stress and exhaustion has made the world whirl around him in a way that rival Tina's because he does realize the finality. George Jr's two oldest sons know but do not know. They know and can imagine, but they have no idea the depth and character shaping this experience will be for them.

So the funeral was today. Everyone held up well. Ron spoke briefly and made it through. Tina looked as if this were happening but not happening. She looked around like she wasn't really there. It was very sad. I am still sad. As Ron said when he walked into the room at the viewing - How can you make sense of this? It doesn't make any sense. It is so hard not to say Why God? and be distant because of the uncomprehensible situation.
God, please wrap your arms around them. Please be real to them. Please draw them to yourself. Give them comfort and peace.


weavermom said...

Wow Kristie, I'm sorry for you and your whole family. Especially the kids.

This was a great post though - just a great reminder to cherish every day because you just never know what God has planned for us. Take heart in the fact that He is big enough to take questions, and big enough that nothing takes him by surprise. Saying a special prayer for you guys.

Kristie said...

Thanks for the kind words and for your prayers!