Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Awesome Conference!

Mark and I just returned from the Anytime Fitness Annual Conference at Osthoff Resort in Wisconsin. We knew we would have a great time, and well, I would say it was too short, but I can only stay up till the wee hours of the morning only so many days in a row! It was a blast!
Unforgettable Moments in any random order:
Seeing good friends,
Watching the Mississippi gals (Susan, Monya, Coy, Sheila) get the party going,
Hearing how great AF is doing in the national and international scene of fitness (WE ROCK)!
Watching Mark Walker dance on the table,
Eyewitness to the streaker (no, I don't have a picture!),
The beautiful foliage (yes, I have a TON of pictures!)
Talking about God at 5:30 am even though we stayed up all night (I almost fell out of the chair asleep),
The Yoga Class at 6:30 am - getting up early was worth it!
Colin and John Riley's hilarious video - we missed you guys!!!!
Meeting some club owners that I now admire after hearing their stories
Hanging out with Corporate Staff - you guys are great!
Mike Runyon's drinks
Bringing staff I didn't have to babysit - you guys are great, too!
Watching Rocky win the laptop!
And how could I leave off-
Turning into Expressa! for all you guys who missed the after parties, too bad...

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Kysha said...

Sounds like you had so much fun. Beautiful scenery. I would've wanted to stay longer also. :)