Saturday, September 13, 2008

We Love Mrs. Farmer!

So I was gone for a week and had someone come in and teach my kids for 3 days while I was gone. I knew my kids were in good hands because I really like the lady that came in to teach. Her name is Jane Farmer and she is a natural teacher and relates great to kids. I didn't worry about how the school day was going because she is just that good! Here are what my kids had to say about Jane:
She sounds really suprised when Cameron reads a word and Cameron really likes that. -Jonathan
She's really fun. -Jonathan
I like her - Cameron
You should hear her read out loud to us. -Robert
Mark followed up with, "She has a dramatic reading voice, she has the knack. You and I couldn't do it that good if we tried and tried."
Mrs. Farmer really knows how to make school fun. - Raeley

How blessed my kids and I are to have someone like that to come in and help teach.

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