Saturday, September 27, 2008

Puppet Show and Celebration of Cultures

This morning I took Cameron to the Zany Zoo, a puppet show to benefit Regional Rehab, a free rehabilitation campus in Tupelo. Jonathan takes speech therapy there and we LOVE Regional Rehab. The puppet show was great fun - I loved seeing Cameron laugh when the puppets did something silly.

This afternoon Mark and I ran over with Robert, Jonathan, and Cameron to the Celebration of Cultures at Ballard Park. It is the same principle as an international festival, just on Tupelo scale. We stayed for 30 minutes, wheich was ample time to see the few small booths set up manned by individuals who live in Tupelo Some of the booths were selling food native to their country, so I got to have authentic tmales! YUM! Something I wouldn't expect to find readily avaiable in Tupelo. There is supposedly an awesome place to get tamales in Clarksdale, or is it Greenwood? Neither of these places are on any route I frequent.

It was a good day!

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Anita said...


I grew up in Greenwood eating those wonderful tamales sold in coffee cans. Shipley Donuts over on Coley had begun selling them last year. Check to see if they still do....UMMMM!! You can get them all over the delta.