Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clean Transformation

While I away, my husband took care of the kids. The kids learned to pick up after themselves. Everyone straigtened the house before they went to bed. When I got home, I arrived to see a spotless house. I had gotten calls though the week on how much work they were having to do. All they did was school and work, work, work. Precious teenage daughter didn't have time to play with friends after school. Boys were tired. What a transformation had occured when I got home. I was met with a barrage of do you know what we do now? It's so much easier to pick up if you keep it clean. I don't like messes! I can clean all by myself! The dishes go in the dishwasher as soon as they get dirty! You can't leave shoes lying around. I don't keep my room messy anymore. Cameron kept dry panties every day (unless she snuck them in the laundry room). They were so eager to show me everything they had done while I was gone. I was thinking about all of these things because it has truely transformed our house. I think my kids depended too much on me and I let them get away with too much. After keeping on them with school work, I didn't feel like keeping on them to pick up after themselves and they had really gotten neglectful. Then I would get stressed out and lay into them. Not healthy. Now we have had the house clean three days. Do you remember in an earlier post, labeled Too Busy to Share, when I mentioned that I never sat down to play with the kids without running around in between cleaning house? I have played games two nights with the kids, them having my full attention. This has been revolutionary!

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