Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurricane Ike, No Power, and the little things you might not think about....

Well, Ike did go through Houston. He did thaw out some of the freezer meals I made for my sister Kimberly. I didn't have the heart to ask how many meals survived in the scope of the situation. I am thankful that they had a generator to keep their refrigerator going. She had her IV treatments which needed refrigeration, so everyone was thankful that the generator sustained them. Gas and ice were in demand and with so many people out of power, food was also scarce. My sister Denise commented that all they had left were frozen veggies. They had grilled all of their meat and she just couldn't stomach the veggies. They drove to the other side of town that night (which was night 4 without power) to find an open restaurant. My sister Kimberly who had just gotten out of the hospital just wasn't up for venturing out to say the least! I have some comfort to think that they could use the food. There was a cool front that moved in so they were spared the uncomfortable Houston heat that can get so intense. I thought you all would enjoy a glimpse into the little details you might not think about with the power losses. Stale frozen veggies. No running water for many. Oh yeah, no coffee either! Gloomy! I am glad to announce that yesterday both of my sisters in the affected area had their power back on. FINALLY! My sister farther northwest did not lose power at all. A few of my friends are still without power.

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