Sunday, September 7, 2008

To Laugh

I forget how important it is to laugh. I just saw some old pictures from college that made me laugh and it felt so good! The pictures are of a summer I spent with Campus Crusade for Christ in San Diego. Adam Shopshire and Corby Stephens are the guys I am still laughing at over 15 years later!

I have been introspective since I've arrived in Houston and saw Kimberly. Her attitude and perspective are great. She's happy to be alive. This trip has been intense for me. I stay too busy to take note of where I am in life - even on weekends and vacations. I have witnessed my sister walk near death. I have been alone. I have no agenda and I am not busy. I have silence so I can hear the thoughts I have been hiding from. So I laughed a few minutes ago and my heart stirred. On this trip, I am surrounded by silence. I am facing things about myself and about my life that I want to change. I feel God is telling me to loosen up and have more fun. Among all the struggles I find within myself in this silence, I seek to grow closer to God through the silence. And I hear the thoughts in my head telling me to laugh a little more.

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