Monday, April 5, 2010

Conversations with Cameron

January 7

Another Conversation with Cameron:

I was reading the book Angelina the Ballerina to her tonight (Angelina is a mouse). I pointed to the picture of Angelina in 2nd position. I ask Cameron "Can you do that?"

"Yes," Cameron replied in a very matter of fact tone, "but only without the tail."

March 15
Conversation with Cameron:
I hear Cameron say in an exasperated tone: "Dumb Dummy!" "Cameron, what's wrong?" "You know that graham cracker that looked like a diaper?" (She had shown me a graham cracker she had taken a few bites of that looked like a diaper, and she was so excited about it.) Well, I was gonna draw it (she's holding a piece of paper, a pen, and two graham crackers in her hand) and I took a bite of the wrong graham cracker!

March 16
Cameron was talking to me about her day. Mark was helping her ride her bike without training wheels. "Daddy took his hand off my seat. When I was peddling, he would wait till I was on the grass and let go of my seat. I don't think that's right. We should make a deal that he doesn't do that." "So what did you expect, Cameron, for him to run around and hold onto the seat while you rode around in circles?" "Yes. I might fall if he lets go." "Well, how do you think you will learn if he's always holding on?" "Not that way!" Later that night Cameron says, "We should make a deal that he only lets go after I tell him I'm balanced. It's too scary if he just does it. I might fall."

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