Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I need a vacation. Who doesn't? And yes, I said need, not want.
Need so I don't lose who I am.
Need so I remember what fun is,
so I don't forget to laugh.

I've mentioned before that vacations are high priority for us since my husband and I work together. It keeps us balanced - and even if we didn't work together, because we both have such full schedules, the time away keeps us from getting burned out. I need a vacation. It doesn't have to be expensive. Take me camping and we'll eat pb&j sandwiches. Our weekends have been planned to the minute and filled with stuff that I can't fit in during the week like laundry and housecleaning. Glamorous, huh? A quick way to get burned out and lose yourself. I am beginning to wonder what a good, gourmet meal at home is like. But gourmet meals take planning and inspiration and I'm a little short on both. I did enjoy my super quick chicken and dumplings tonight with fresh (dried) basil from my friend's garden, and minced garlic. That's gourmet for today.

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weavermom said...

I hope you get your vacation soon! I've found that banishing my children to their rooms for 15 min, fixing a cup of hot tea and just breathing deeply for that time helps tremendously! It's like a little mini-vacation! :)