Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a day.

Today has not been a good day. Last night I stayed up way too late. Mark was taking car of some time sensitive business breakdowns. We had the tv on and I stayed on Facebook way too long. I hate it when I waste time like that.

I am at-my-limit as far as stress goes. I am pulled in so many directions that I have cut out many things in life I enjoy - like this blog. Counter productive if you don't take time to de-stress. My neck is killing me. I carry my stress in my shoulders. Lately my workouts have been high priority so I can just MOVE. Since I stayed up so late, I skipped my workout so my whole body is stiff. My neck is TIGHT.

So today I was grouchy all day from getting to bed late.

I even took a nap and when I got up and saw the disarray my house was in, I went back and hid under the covers. For over an hour. Yeah, I had one of those days. But I did smile when I heard my kids trying to keep quiet. And when my phone rang, I could tell by the ring who was calling. It was a business call and I could hear them whisper yelling - "What should we do?" "Answer it for her?" "Take a message?" "Do you think it's important?" Then big sister to the rescue. "Be quiet and leave her alone."

Tomorrow is going to be better because I'm not going to stay up late and I'm going to have a good attitude. At least I'm gonna try. Attitude is key.

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weavermom said...

Hope today is better my friend!