Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This girl lives for a party!

Cameron is planning Mother's Day. I'm honored. This girl lives for a party. She plans life event to event. She brought me a post it note and a pen and told me to make a list of what I wanted. Here are her suggestions:
high heels
high heel boots.

What was her favorite gift from her birthday? Twinkle Toes Shoes. Her favorite outfit this summer? Tan shorts, brown and blue striped shirt and brown boots.
Once a week we are throwing a party for one of her stuffed animals. She wants to bake them a cake. Not good for my fitness goals!

A+ in spelling!
She wrote my last name on the post it note. Sdevynz. Her preferred way to spell Mommy is Mome. Her nickname Cammi is Came. You guessed it - Daddy is Dade. She knows the silent e rule. That's just the way she prefers it.

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