Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Conversations with Cameron

This was from a while ago, but I am just getting around to posting it.

January 12

Tonight I was reading a book about Quack the Duck in Spanish to Cameron, as a joke to see what she would do. She never complained, but when Raeley walked in the room, she said "I just have to ask, um, do you understand what you are reading?" Cameron said no. I asked her what language it was and she said "Duck?"

Cameron said today "I like grandmas. You can always stay the night at their house." "Is there anything else you like about grandmas?" I ask. "They are nice and smart and buy you things."
We had fish for dinner. Cameron said, "Did this fish come from the water?" Yes. Blech! Did they wash it good? And did they take all the yucky stuff out? Are you sure they washed it good? In SINK water?"
I worked all day and I was sad that I didn't have any cute Cameron sayings for the day. As I went to put up the leftover pizza, I found a glass of ice water in the bottom drawer of the fridge. I get smiles from that girl even when she's tucked in bed fast asleep! How do I know it was her? It was her special Star Trek glass given to her as a gift from her BFF.

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