Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Honey People

I went to pick up some natural honey last week as I was driving home from one of my gyms. It was late when I got to the honey man's house. He lived a little way out in the country and they were a little worried about me trying to find their home that late at night. However, they graciously allowed me to disrupt their usual order of evening events.
I picked up all the honey he could jar for me from the time I called till I made it to his house. What happened next was a very small, almost insignificant event but it is sticking with me. You see, I did not stay long at their house. We chatted on the dirt driveway outside his back (front?) door in the cool, dark night.
Beside the fact that I couldn't believe how dark it was out there, I couldn't believe how nice they were to me. And here is the life transforming part. No, it wasn't the cool evening with the calm breeze, feeling submersed in nature (and wondering where the apiary was). This older couple made me feel so good just by dropping by and caring enough to get the honey. They were good natured, relaxed, and jovial.
I drove away thinking - That's it! That is what is important in life. Investing in people. I invest a lot into my kids. We spend a lot of time investing in things - houses, cars, clothes. At best we reach out to our family, but out sphere of influence is pretty small. At least mine is. How many people other than family do I reach out to? How well do I reach out to even my family? Am I spending too much time investing in my kids pleasures by running them different places, but not really investing into their lives?

Investing in people. It takes effort. And vulnerability. The rewards are worth it. I am challenged to revisit my priorities and make more of an effort to invest in people's lives.

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