Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Annual Mom-Sis weekend

Rainy girl's weekend away - reminded me a little of Charleston last year, with everyone arriving in a torrent of rain. This year the torrent was not so bad as that, but the rain persisted a little longer. I enjoyed a long, serene drive to St. Francisville, LA down the Trace almost all the way. Although the drive down the Trace was enchanting, the drive pulling into the plantation house where we were staying was oh-so-stunning! As soon as I turned onto the driveway, I felt that I was stepping back in time. The majestic oak trees lined up framing the house, gazebos dotted the lawn, the mist hanging in the air from the rain all seemed surreal.

I made it just in time to share a glass of wine with everyone then we freshened up and left for dinner at the Magnolia Grill. A very cool place, screened in porches, wooden walls, nooks and crannies with tables, and I didn't even see the inside of the restaurant! We sat at a great table just the right distance from the stage and enjoyed chilling out to the live music. The singer was very talented and set a cool, bluesy mood. I could have listened to her for hours. Back home (Butler Greenwood) we stayed up late talking and eating fudge that the boys wanted me to bring for everyone.
Saturday morning was a lazy morning and I woke up earlier than my sisters so I stole next door to enjoy visiting with just mom. After a while we went back and sat on the porch overlooking the small pond and drank coffee with everyone, watching the ducks swim on the pond. The view was splendidly framed with huge camellias that looked more like trees than bushes. The dainty flowers with the moss hanging from the branches made me feel like I was sitting in a hidden bungalow.
We ate a leisurely breakfast of croissants and took a tour of the plantation home where we were staying. This house has been in the same family since it was built in 1786. The items in the house were straight out of the attic. One room still had the original carpet and furniture. We have toured plantation homes on every vacation with my mom and sisters, yet none quite as homey and realistic as this when you keep in mind the family still lives in the house! After the tour we went to the downtown area and went in a few stores. There is one store there called Grandmother's Buttons. I wish Raeley could have been there, she would have loved that store!

We were able to meet Karen's niece Kristin for lunch. I've known Kristin since she was born so it was fun to see her again and have her crash our girls time. Kristin's husband is from the area and they were visiting his family that same weekend. YUMMY Cajun seafood soup for lunch at Charlies. A cool piece of trivia, our waitress was from French Camp. After lunch we stopped in a few more stores then headed back to the Plantation home to meet my dad and watch a few football games.
Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for my mom's birthday dinner.
We went to a nice, delicious restaurant at the haunted Myrtle Plantation called The Carriage House. I split a shrimp dish with my sister and left so full! We also had Sensational salad (a salad in this area with a parmesan garlic dressing), along with stuffed mushrooms and fried green tomatoes for appetizers. I knew when I tasted the green tomatoes that this was a restaurant that knew how to cook, they were so light and not heavily fried. They brought out a melt in your mouth bread pudding for my mom - so rich and creamy and warm! Back at the plantation home we gave my mom her gifts, had lots of laughs, and we warmed up the Muscadine pie I had made for mom. Mmmm! It was so good (even though I was still dreaming about that bread pudding)!


Kimberly said...

I am so stealing this post! Look for it in the album! (that's ok with you, right????!)

Anita said...

So sweet that you all can get together each year. My sisters and I are not close at all and only see each other once or twice a year.