Friday, October 9, 2009

Funny Kids

Cameron starts off a conversation at the dinner table about her love for math. "Don't cha know that I love math? I don't have to play with friends in the afternoon, just let me work in my math book." Wow - Stop - I want to turn back time and get a voice recording on that!
Jonathan replies "Just wait till you get to Algebra. I don't even know what X is."
Cameron whispers to me "I know what X is. X marks the spot."

Jonathan's pretty funny too!

Tonight Cameron was helping me pack for my trip. She was the judge and I was the fashion girl. I was getting my outfits together and showing them to Raeley and Mark (who did not agree on anything - usually they always agree!) but had not gotten any shoes out yet. "Shoes! Shoes!" she yells, very concerned, jumps up, tells me not to move, and brings me shoes, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for each outfit. Mark laughed as he reminded us of how she would pick out the most outlandish shoes when she was just a year old at the shoe store and we would have to sneak her plain (in comparison) white shoes home. She's into her shoes!

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