Sunday, October 25, 2009

Angola Prison Rodeo

You see this driving in:
and this driving out:

Mom and Sister Trip Part 2

On Sunday we went to the Angola Prison Rodeo and it was quite an experience! There is a Christian overtone to the whole event and the opening of the rodeo gave me goosebumps. I was very impressed with the whole prison establishment set up there. I don't have many photos because there are several things you can't bring in with you, cell phones and cameras being some of them. It set the mood, driving in past gurad towers, huge fences, a one way long driveway, searches to enter the gates, police everywhere, and all those prisoners behind the fence.

Think about it, the average term for the prisoners at this facility is 80 years so if you're in there,
a) you've done something really bad
b) you will be in there a long time
c) you don't have much to lose if you get hurt... or worse

Talk about reckless abandon! They had crazy "games" like bull pinball where you try not to get plowed over by the bull and you can't move from the hula hoop on the ground, and bull poker, where you sit at a table playing poker while the bull attacks you. Last one standing or sitting wins.

There are craft/furniture booths manned by the prisoners with good behavior. The other prisoners who have crafts to show are standing behind the fences and if you have a question about a piece you can go over and talk to them. My dad bought a rocking chair for a very good price!

We heard the traffic gets very backed up, so we got there early and also left before the very end of the rodeo and I am so glad we did because sometimes people are stuck in traffic for hours.

That night we went out shopping for a while, then back to the plantation where we cooked dinner in the room and watched football. Monday morning I headed to one of our clubs for the day-back to the real world so soon!

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