Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Shack

The Shack is a very interesting book. I am not only glad I read it, I am changed by reading it. It is a fictional book allowing it to penetrate into your psyche and catch you unguarded, raw, and vulnerable. It brought me to the basic principle Christianity revolves around - love. Only because of love. God loves us so we can love - love Him, love others, love ourselves. The book also allowed me to envision how that love could affect my life when realized through the lives of the characters. Only because of love.

When I heard of others reading the book, I would hear how they put the book down and then pick it up after a break. I understand because some of the realizations were so profound, I felt that if I rushed through reading it, without taking a few days or a week to absorb it, I would not have been ready for the next impacting divulgence of my heart.

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All Sufficient Grace said...

The Shack also changed my life. I have no idea how much he loves me and desires a relationship with me. I thought I know but I was so far off. It also allowed me to talk to him about the things in my life. The Why questions that I (in my head) knew not to ask. My and Jesus, we had a great conversation a few weeks ago when I finished the book. I am re reading it and I enjoy it even more.