Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jerry Brown Art Festival


Mitchell with his friend who was there making brooms. He has replaced the woven bottoms of some ladder back chairs for Mitchell.

I have heard of a potter that lives in Hamilton Alabama who has been turning crockery passed down from his great grandfather. His great grandfather would turn the everyday crocks that your grandmothers used for everything from churning butter to making pickles. The good hard clay of the area is great for pottery.
I mentioned making pickles because as a newlywed, my father in law let me borrow one of his large crocks to make 14 day pickles. What I didn't realize was that you did not need to rinse the pickles every day. Fourteen days of rinsing pickles in that huge and much-too-heavy crock and I swore I would never make pickles again. I haven't.
Anyway, back to the potter. Maybe you've heard of him, Jerry Brown. I haven't been to his workshop, but he does things the old fashioned way, right down to the mule power! He taught Mark's Great Aunt Audrey to turn clay several years back. Anyway, they had the Jerry Brown Art Festival in Hamilton this weekend and we were fortunate to be able to attend. Enjoy the pictures taken by Raeley. The pottery was done by Mark Williams of Other Brother Pottery. I bought a few pieces of pottery custom ordered from a man in Blue Springs Mississippi. Another person I liked was Missy Miles of Organic Vessels. We were able to meet Mitchell, Mark's dad, there, he happened to be in Hamilton at a meeting. We went to dinner afterwards and then the boys went with him to spend the night at the old homeplace. It's nice when paths cross like that.

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