Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cameron's good questions

Cameron has been asking some good questions lately. Today she asked if mosquito hawks drank a mosquito's blood. She also asked why snakes bite for protection because if they bite us we will kill them, so that's not protection. When I was reading aloud the Little House in the Big Woods, Pa said no more hunting till the baby animals were grown, so there would be no more fresh meat for a while. Cameron said Does that mean they can't kill mice?

Cameron's Funny Sayings
This weekend, when Cameron was sick, she asked for more Vitamin Seeds instead of Vitamin C's! On Friday, the day of her birthday party, I asked her to bring some of her clothes up stairs as we were straightening for the party. She was looking like WHAT?!! But it's one of my birthdays today. You want me to work on one of my birthdays? I wasn't going to ruin her joy. I'd like to not have to work on any of my birthdays, either.


bestmom said...

I MISS CAMERON!!!!!!!!!!!
Give her hugs for me! And a loud kiss if you can manage it!

Kysha said...

Cameron is becoming wiser by the days. I love the birthday comment! Too funny!