Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cameron's Birthday Cake

I forgot to post about the cake! I knew that this party would be a challenge because we were going to be out of town and only have one day to get ready. I usually like to work on the cake for a few days in steps, and have the cake totally ready the day before the party. That wasn't an option for this party, so on Thursday I had the kids help with the fondant. They must have added too much water, because the fondant could not get stiff enough to work with. But I didn't figure that out until a couple of hours before the party. It never occurred to me, either, that I should
stop -
give up -
call it quits.
The fondant was
So, after working on the cake for several frustrating hours, I looked up at the time and it was 2:15. The party started at 3. HA!I had been in my own world. The kids were helping set stuff out for the party and picking up the house, but the kitchen was a mess and I wasn't ready. We had not even started decorating with balloons and crepe paper! I had grand ideas for decorating the house and for this cake. Think of the possibilities -Cirque Du Soliel with all the
colors and patterns-
pure inspiration.
I draped green icing over a triangular piece of cake and boy did it drape. I tried to position it on the cake and it just gooped. So I grabbed it off the cake and chunked it in the trash. It left a big, sticky green mess on the cake and there was nothing I could do about it. While I was changing my clothes, Raeley told me she could fix it, and she did. Oh, something funny - I had different sized triangles of cake and when I was cleaning up, I noticed that someone had eaten a small triangle. My master plan wouldn't have completely worked even if the icing hadn't been droopy.

I think I'm burned out on making fondant cakes. Note to self - for sanity, let kids "help" on thier own cake with leftovers! I'll just say that the pictures don't accurately portray the cake. Let's just remember it by the pictures!

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Happy Birthday, Cameron!