Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hubble and Hudson

Another fun day on the town. Today for coffee, my mom and I went to Hubble and Hudson Market. It is an exclusive grocery with very fresh meats, bread, fruits and vegetables. Upstairs they have an eating area if you get a sandwich from the deli, coffee, gelato, or one of their homemade desserts. The Viking cooking school is also upstairs, surrounded by windows so you can eat and watch the classes. The produce is all very fresh, and the meat looks unbelievable. If we were going to be here long enough to cook, I would have bought the blueberry feta sausage and the chicken and apple sausage with some of the unbelievably fresh bread, probably the orange cranberry bread. I bought an Italian seasoning blend and regret not getting a bottle of Hubble and Hudson olive oil. The sample was so fresh and light, and although it was high compared to what I usually buy at Kroger, it was very reasonably priced for the quality.
After we left Hubble and Hudson, we walked to the waterway and passed several nice restaurants. It was a great walk near the Marriott. There is even a trolley that will take you to the shops along the waterway, the mall, The Market, the hotels and condos in the area.

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