Friday, December 5, 2008

Bible Story of sacrifice

I learned something today, not unusual, but you know when you think you know something well, and you get comfortable with it, familiar with it, and you don't really think too hard? I was reading a bible story to my kids this morning from Luke. It was about Jesus' time in the wilderness when he was fasting. That is an amazing story to me because it paints such a vivid picture in mind and my soul. I can feel the longings he must have for food, the physical exhaustion, the discomfort. It's a wonder he could still think and not be delirious. Then the Devil approaches him and paints even more pictures in my mind, full and overflowing with images. He tempts Jesus on three levels - physical(food), emotional - power(the world and wealth), and spiritual(jumping off the tabernacle). What if Jesus had jumped off of the Tabernacle? What would be the significance? We know he is going to be performing miracles constantly now that his ministry is beginning. Would that be so bad? Overlook the obvious fact that He would have sinned by not trusting God but tested Him instead, it just seems to lack in severity and drama when compared to the other temptations. But consider this point - what if Jesus had jumped and been seen to overcome death by the many people present? Would he have then been put to death as our sacrifice? He might not have. It was not the right time for his immortality to be revealed. God's timing is important, and it is perfect.

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