Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kids are fun!

Cameron has been romping around after lunch throwing a paper airplane she made. She said, "This is so fun, mom, I think I'm invected to it!" I said, "You mean addicted?" She said "Yeah, I am having so much fun I think I am addicted of it!" How cute!

Last night the kids ran an errand with Mark and first Robert rushed in and quickly asked "Is Raeley here yet?" I said yes and as the door immediately shut, the front door opened and Jonathan asked "Is Raeley here yet?" I had just enough time to say yes, when he, too quickly shut the door. Almost immediately as that door shut that the garage door opened and Robert stormed in. "MMM, something smells good in here!" We hear the front door open and Jonathan storms in. "MMM, something smells good in here!" I couldn't help laughing. Mark walks in and I tell him the story and he said when the boys came back out, they both waved at him the exact same way and then ran inside, one right after the other!

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