Monday, December 1, 2008

I just posted my menu and thought, I wonder if this will actually come to pass as I had planned. I wonder if we should post at the end of the week what we actually cook. I'm just in a mood. Speaking of food, my nephew Ryan, kinda mentioned me in his blog. Not really, but every year at Thanksgiving with my side of the family, I make two things, sweet potato casserole and orange stuff - as Ryan called it. He mentioned the orange stuff in his blog. If I don't make it, his mom does. One year I even found them hiding in the kitchen fighting over it!

I had one of those days today. I thought it was going to be a great school day. I had actually prepared the entire week - copies of everything already done, all items for activities on hand, read all the lessons! Even started making pages for a lapbook. That much planning rarely happens with me. Well, it being the first day after a vacation, the kids were all out of sorts. Restless, low attention, I think still on a sugar high. I also didn't start our "together" school until 10:30 am because I wanted to get a little bit of work out of the way. The kids were supposed to do their independent work, but given their state of mind, they needed me in the room constantly. Even lunch was a chore today. Well, we are going to end on a good note. I'm going to play a board game with them before they go to bed.

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Denise said...

By the way Kristie, we did have "orange stuff" but for some reason it wasn't as appreciated on the other side of the family. I was going to double the batch but I thought it may be a little too much. It is a good thing I didn't because we actually came home with leftover "orange stuff" Can you believe it! I was so happy. Anyway, I will have the "Orange Stuff" ingredients for Christmas (except I ate the Cool Whip). What do you think about adding red food coloring? Naahhhh - won't be orange stuff anymore.