Tuesday, June 16, 2009

St. Louis Saturday

Here's the gang!Raeley, Kristie, Randy, Tricia,
Robert, Sarah, Jonathan, Mark, Cameron, Ginny
Tricia posing with the Praying Mantis.
Cameron climbing down a passage.

Robert and Jonathan
Raeley going down the 10 story circle slide - Yikes!

Kristie and Cameron way above the ground, crawling through a cage.

City Museum
Six Flags was full of excitement, but boy was the City Museum cool! It is called a museum because it is made of reclaimed junk – a few planes, school bus, fire engine, and lots of metal. It is all about creativity and exploration. The roof just opened the day before, so we got to see that exhibit, and my favorite slide was up there. You could really catch some speed on those slides! Raeley walked around with the camera taking pictures Raeley style and Mark walked around with the video camera attached to his eye. Of course, that was when they weren’t busy climbing, sliding, skimmying through tight places, balancing over water or way up – and I mean way up high in cage-like tunnels. This place is truly a captivating playground for all ages! I look forward to my next trip to St Louis just to experience the City Museum again!
It was a great trip- full, exciting, and not much down time! It feels like we barely even touched St. Louis, but you know how I like big cities, so I bet we’ll be back!

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