Thursday, June 18, 2009

Family Bonds

My family
My nephew Mike, his wife Sara, and my great niece Mackenzie

We have a place I go that has hardly changed as long as I can remember. The first time I can really remember coming to this place, I think I was 12. What do I remember? Skating around the hot skating rink at breakneck speed, the speed only to be explained by the old wooden floor. What else do I remember? Meeting my great aunts in the old cabins, with food offered everywhere. And the heat.
It is our family reunion, held at the illustrious Holmes County State Park near Jackson, MS. We stay in cabins and eat lots of great food all weekend. This year my uncle celebrated both his 80th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary. What a legacy! Spending the whole weekend with family every year, I have gotten to know my 2nd and 3rd cousins better than I would have otherwise thought. I'm even remembering names and towns of 4th and 5th cousins! The family reunion is held in honor of my great grandparents. They had 9 children, all of whom who have passed away, and yet we still meet every year. Another legacy.

This weekend we had a special treat. My cousin, Bill Abel, gave us a mini concert. He is a blues player from the Delta, and he looks every bit the blues player that he is.
It just wouldn't be the family reunion if we didn't walk to the cemetery. It used to be so spooky! We used to go skating on Saturday nights, but they have permanently closed the skating rink. As my sons kept saying all weekend, that is a bummer! It reminds me that time changes things.
Our new activity? Geocaching! My brother in law, Bob, planned it all and brought a few gps units. We divided up into teams and started the hunt! My team won, probably because through the sweltering heat, they guys would not stop! Next year, time limit please! I think Mark has a new hobby.
And let's not forget the fishing! Saturday morning is a good time for fishing.

This year was a good year. Lots of cousins made it in honor of my uncle's 80th birthday, and my nieces and nephews who normally don't come were able to make it.

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Denise said...

Bob has made your blog a few times! NOT FAIR. What can I do to make your blog. Bob over me?!?!