Monday, June 15, 2009

Friday in St. Louis

Every one loves Scooby Do!
Quick! Hug Mark! He's the one who suggested to the kids they stand on the bridge over the water ride!

Just relaxing for a minute!

Robert almost made it!

Six Flags
Friday was Six Flags and it was a great theme park! I think it was the highlight of Mark and the kids' trip. I would agree if it weren't for the motion sickness. I had a great time watching every one else have fun. Cameron definitely surpassed me, as she rode every roller coaster for her height. I tried to cover up my weaknesses for the ride on Cameron. All the kids wanted to ride a roller coaster back to back, including her, so that didn't work! I sat on a bench and said that Cameron and I will wait here for yall. She looked back and me and said, "Do we have to? I want to ride again!" This was the perfect day to go, not too hot, not too crowded, no lines! We closed the park down that night and after I had motion sickness for a second time that day, it wasn’t a minute too soon for me! The water rides were lots of fun and we had a good laugh after they (meaning everyone but me) talked Randy onto the Tony Hawk spinning ride that didn’t spin too much - unless you were unbalanced with three little girls as your riders. He was very unbalanced. His cart was spinning more than ANY other. We were all very impressed with the Six Flags over Mid-America.

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