Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mark's Birthday

The girls mixing the cake in a mug.
It overflowing in the microwave.

Mark's birthday was yesterday and he turned 40! He's handling it quite well. He says he doesn't feel 40 at all. I thought it would be a dark, depressing day for him as he dove off into the world of the ancients. He has been dreading his 40th birthday for as long as I have known him!

It was a good day. None of the kids were home except Cameron, and she had a friend over to play and spend the night. So we didn't really celebrate except by going out to eat for lunch (at Bistro - and they happened to have lunch half off that day!) and dinner (Las Margharitas) Great food at Bistro! My new favorite place for lunch! We met some friends for dinner that we haven't seen in a while, so it was great to catch up.

All afternoon I worked on a recipe for cake in a mug. I'll post the real recipe in a few weeks. I didn't want a huge cake sitting around with no kids to help eat it up, but I couldn't find a recipe like I was looking for. No big deal, I'll just convert one to mug size. Cameron and her friend were the resident chefs. Let's just say the experiment was more than unedible, it was disgusting! Oh well, Mark still got to blow out some candles and be sung Happy Birthday to! It was worth a good laugh. I'll keep experimenting with the cake recipe and get back with you..... More on Mark's birthday later, when we have more kids around to celebrate it!

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Anita said...

Jeff and I will be turning 46 and 45 this year and we don't feel ancient! Except when we got to bed late and the baby didn't sleep and our bones pop and creak when we get up early in the morning!! Tell Mark happy birthday! And I still want to know where all the waterfalls are.