Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gumtree Festival

Robert Jonathan
Micah won second place overall!

Cameron ran all by herself! She did great! Raeley ran in with Cameron.

The Gumtree Festival was May 9th. The town puts on a festival with great artists, kid's activities, a stage for local groups to perform, and musicians. There is also a 10k and a 2k. The boys and Cameron ran in the 2k, and Raeley helped the kids in wheelchairs that were pushed by runners who ran in the 10k. Mark and I say year after year that we are going to run and we haven't yet, but the boys really want to run in the 10k next year, so we are going to train together. At the festival we bought some really cool yard art. Remember when we went to the Jerry Brown art festival in Hamilton, AL? We ordered a creamer and sugar bowl from an artist from Blue Mountain when we went to the Jerry Brown Festival. He has come up with some great new pottery that he had on display at the Gumtree. Our pottery has muscadine leaves on it, so we will get it whenever the leaves come into season. By the way, our yard art IS cool, nothing made out of wood. I'll show you when we have it displayed!

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