Monday, May 11, 2009

A quick visit on their worldwind tour of the Northeast!

My parents and my two oldest sisters (Karen and Denise) set out on a tour of the northeast to visit our extended family up there. On the way, they sacrificed a day of their trip to stay with us. It was so cool having my sisters hang out at my house, and it is always great to see my parents.

They came in on a Wednesday night a few weeks ago, stayed Thursday, and left Friday morning. I fixed dinner both nights since they would be eating out a lot, grilled pork chops one night and Enchiladas the next. I grilled all the meats on Wednesday so the chicken would already be cooked for Thursday. Before Wednesday dinner, we opened a few bottles of our Napa wine and had a mini wine tasting with them. I even broke out the sea salt chocolate with it! There were also lots of birthday gifts going around as they brought gifts for the kids (and me!) for missed birthdays. What a party!

Thursday we went to the gym to catch a quick workout, hit Fowerdale Cafe for lunch and showed off a few highlights around town - Jody's, Elizabeth Claires, downtown, Highland Circle, and Reeds, to name a few. Dad took the boys fishing.

Dad was so funny, he had the agenda and maps all printed out and put in a binder. Oh, to be so organized! How did I miss out on that propensity to be so well planned and organized? They are taking pictures at each stop. I wonder if he plans on keeping that binder and putting the pictures in it? I doubt it, he'll just probably hand it all over to our resident scrapbooker, my sister Kimberly!

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