Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Tribute on Mother's Day

A friend of mine from high school recently lost her mother three years ago. Jennifer and her sister were close in age, so I got to know both of them and I always enjoyed being around their mom. She was a strong, wise, pleasant lady who exemplified Christ. Everyone whose life overlapped hers, she touched for Christ. This is an excerpt from my friend's blog.

Jennifer from All Sufficient Grace - about Mother's Day:
This one has been a hard one for some reason. I guess my life has changed in the last year drastically and I guess that is just a part of life, it is always changing. But, today as I went to see my mom's grave I was thinking of some of the things she taught me.

1. Never tell your dad to "Shut up"

2. Always go to weddings

3. Always go to funerals

4. Don't talk about someone with someone other than your mother.

5. There are people that will be nice/nasties.

6. Watch out for said people.

7. Always do your best

8. Keep your house clean. ( still trying to do that all of the time)

9. Laugh often

10. Serve others

11. Stand by your man

12. Never talk about your husband to your children...just your sister.

13. I will not know what tired is until I have kids.

14. Set the table correctly

15. Sing with your mouth open

16. Be your kids biggest Cheerleader

17. Leave work at work.

18. Be a woman of excellence and elegance

19. Be nice to your sister. She is all you have.

20. Take a shower daily.

21. Family is important

22. Hate the sin, not the sinner

23. Save money

24. Pay your bills

25. Buy nice things (on sale)

There are so many comments that I could leave beside each one because there IS a story there. But, that is between she and I. I love my mom so much and miss her like crazy. If you still have your NOT complain about her. If you don't...I know kinda how you feel. This is my dad 1st Mother's day with out his Mom and this is some of my friends 1st Mother's day as a mom. Life is funny and "Sucky" all at the same time. Good and Bad. Mom, Your legacy Lives on Forever!!! Thanks.

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