Monday, May 11, 2009

Visiting the Huffmans

(Raeley and Vanessa)
(Cameron, Blue, and Julia)

(Jonathan and Jonathan - Too cool when best friends have the same name!)
(not pictured: Auggie, Robert, and Andrew)

After we got back from Napa, I got to combine work and pleasure and visit the Huffmans. Our good friends moved to Petal, MS in March and we have really missed them. It was great to get to drink coffee and chat just like old times, except we were sitting on her back porch which was bricked in with two fountains, or on her front porch overlooking her beautifully landscaped yard. We hardly saw the kids, they were too busy playing in their huge yard. I miss my friend dearly, and I know my kids miss her kids lots, but I am happy they have such a great house and acreage there. The man who built the house has beautiful views out of the large windows and had a great eye for landscaping. I couldn't get over all the gardens, roses, climbing vines, and flowering plants. He even had some rare variety trees and flowers. And wouldn't you know it, Carmen even had a ton of boxes unpacked and pictures hanging on the walls!

I spent the day we were there working at our Petal gym, and that was a great experience. It was my first time meeting and working with our staff guy there and he is doing a great job. I got to go back "home' to the Huffmans and celebrate with Carmen while Drew took all the kids out to pizza! So we even got a girls night out.

Auggie and Johnny came back with us and got to visit other friends, and they were troopers as I had to stop in the Meridian gym for a couple of hours on the drive back home. It was a quick trip, but worth conversations over coffee and a girl's night out!

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