Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cameron's Kindergarten Book

A friend of mine, Michelle, binds her children's work into a book. I thought that was a great idea. I was looking at the math curriculum for Kindergarten and I was looking at spending $18-26 . Sounds like a lot for pages on pattern and number recognition. So I went to the internet. I get her alphabet pages for free off the internet. There were so many worksheets floating around, I started on a one-stop workbook for kindergarten. I put together 3 or 4 worksheets for each day on the alphabet, numbers, colors, patterns, cutting, Rod and Staff books, or anything else fun we would use in school. The pages either came off of teh internet of I cut the binding off of workbooks such as Rod and Staff. I took it to Office Max and had it spiral bound for a little over $4. The spiral bound is great because it can open flat all the way. Some of the pages (from Rod and Staff) were a little smaller, and they fit in fine. I also used pages from e-books I purchased for under $3 at Currclick ( All total, I spent under $20! I have my own printer, and it costs me three cents a page for black and white. Add workbooks in, and it would probably still be under $30. I also listed 50 activities by topic from some of my favorite activity books mainly The Instant Curriculum. This should make it easy for me to decide what we will do that day (or week). I will check the activities off as we do them. I arranged the alphabet pages according to what letter she will be learning in her 100 easy lessons reading book. Cameron loves the book. Mommy made the book just for her. There is no doubt about what she is expected to do that day, either. She likes knowing before her day begins her expected "work". Raeley designed the cover for her.

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