Monday, August 25, 2008

How does it work? Homeschooling and work?

What a week last week was. This week will be full also. I have lots of work to do. Keeping up with school and kid schedules is enough if you don't add marketing plans, schedules, phone interviews. Keeping the house clean? HA! Mark couldn't find the phone today for a business call. Yes, it's that bad. The juggling act is on. What is important in times like these? I try to keep my patience with the kids. I try to listen to them and not keep putting them off. I try to keep a steady list of chores for them, too. Just so the house doesn't get too bad. I have their school work listed so when I can't do a lesson with them, they know what they can be doing independantly. So far we are on track but the house is a mess - did I mention that yet? and I am living with a stress headache. I will get around to working out - I will, I will I will!

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