Monday, August 4, 2008


Books and Websites I use:
Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons
When I use this book to teach my children to read, I don't do a lot of alphabet work beforehand. I guess I just was never that organized in preschool. I tried with my oldest, Raeley, and she got mouth ulcers because she found it so difficult to remember her letters (and probably because I was so distraught that she wasn't remembering her letters).
The first letters introduced are m, s, and a. Before I sit down with her to do a lesson, we do a worksheet on the letters, including writing them and saying the sound each time she writes a letter. There are only two or three lessons where more than one letter is introduced.
BOB Books after 100 Easy Lessons

Here are some of the websites that I use to find letter pages:
Links to other sites
letter activity pages
alphabet sheets for handwriting

Here is anothere site that has "vintage" records your child can listen to while doing a craft. They are great stories on records from the 40's and 50's.

Essential Math by Singapore Math

Usborne's I Can Draw books and I Can Cut and Stick
Abeka Art K
Mona Brooks Drawing with Children (very teacher involved, but does not require artistic ability to teach, just patience and humility)

For Art Activities:
Encouraging the Artist in Your Child by Sally Warner
Art Adventures At Home by Pattye Carlson and M. Jean Soyke

I also use the book The Instant Curriculum by Pam Schiller and Joan Rossano. I used this for Pre-K, but it is so much fun, and jam packed with activities, that we will use it during K also.

History and Science are done by hanging out with the big kids. I also go to the library and use the referrence books on children's books that catagorize picture books by topic (the thick book with A to Z in the title is my favorite). I look up picture books about science and history to read with her.

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