Thursday, August 12, 2010

We've started school

Clue solvers on our annual back to school treasure hunt

We've started school.
Things are different this year.
I am going to be more prepared each week and although I say that every year, this year I have a specific PLAN for doing that. Many ideas I get from my friend Roan (like the back to school treasure hunt).

Here are a few of the differences:
I touch base with Raeley more during the school day. I enjoy our times of conversation about her curriculum. I even have hopes of reading some of the books on her reading list.

The boys are more independent. Although they spend too long on their computer or making obstacle courses for their hermit crabs, they have kept up very well. I need to add a little more detail to their weekly plan so they use their time more wisely.

Cameron's work has increased substantially. She's shed her fair share of tears. This is mainly because I worked with her so little last year. I am extremely proud of how well she's done. Even with my lack of attention thus far of her schooling, she's doing better in some of the books than her siblings did at her age. That's the beauty of homeschooling. I can't have a lax year with her this year too, but homeschooling is fluid enough to be very forgiving!

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