Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our first week of school

On the whole, it has gone over better than I expected. The longer school days have made for a grumpy Cameron, so we backed off of her school some. I have also gotten a little behind with all the kids due to dentist and orthodontist appts and a few surprise meetings for work I had to fit in last minute. I'm not gonna get discouraged that we are already behind on the first week! I am determined this will not be a pattern. And we just hired someone to take a little off my plate at work. Phew!

Here's my schedule, but I still have a little more adjusting to do. I haven't found a good way to fit in cooking dinner and our school days have been long. Here's the schedule I try to stick to:
5:45 wake up
6:15 to 7:30 work out
7:45 - 8:30 Cook breakfast, wake kids, wash dishes from night before(not optimal, but reality)
8:30-9 Get kids started on school, shower quickly
9-10:30 Bible lesson, read aloud, writing, language arts with boys
Check in on Raeley
10:30-12 school with Cameron
12-1 lunch
Check in with Raeley
1-2:30 school with Cameron and
review what boys have done, additional work with them if needed.
2:30 -till ? work related work
6 pm-ish cook dinner
8 pm work more with Cameron while kids clean up.
9 pm bed times, computer work for work
10:30 pm my bed time

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