Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ready for school to start?

School starts in the morning. Jonathan can't find his books. Robert is missing one of his. The house is a mess because I just helped Mark with two years of paperwork. I feel good about that, but it has consumed two days. Laundry is half done. Not the way I wanted to start the first day of school for the new year, but I knew it would happen because I didn't plan any time to prepare for it. I was just hoping it would happen and knowing that it wouldn't. I'm not gonna skip my workout in the morning, though. I'm just gonna wing it with school. I have one hour before I go to bed to finish the laundry, put all the pulled files and piles of receipts in an orderly fashion, wash the dishes that have been neglected for two (or three) days, and clean my very messy room. Then maybe I'll have a few minutes to pull out the school books and see what we have in store for tomorrow. Can you tell the house is in total disarray? I wish I was better at housecleaning. Hmm, should I stay up late to get it all done? Should I put off school (teacher inservice day)? I'm gonna get off the computer and see how much I can get done as fast as I can, make the house as pleasing on the eyes as I can, and go to bed at a decent time. The kids can journal about Christmas while I review lesson plans. I'm SO glad I planned the start of school at the end of last year's school. Just thought I'd share what's whirling around in my head. Is it this hard to come off of a vacation for you?


Kysha said...

Happy New Year to you and your sweet fam, Kristie! Hope your all goes well this week.

Anita said...

I am not ready, either! I did sit down with Jordan and go over history, literature and reading assignments.....LOTS to cover! His assignments in those areas are planned out for the week. I have to order his new math program and we will ease into our geography and other subjects in the next two weeks., Aaron and Kaelan probably have writing assignments from Jeff and they are using Teaching Textbooks, so can get started on that without me. Things are not as orderly as I would like as we were busy both Sat and Sun, but we can ease into things today. I will answer you email in a minute!

weavermom said...

I feel the same way - never as ready as I want to be. Maybe it is like having kids - there is never a perfect time, etc... :)

Hope you winging it makes for a great day!!