Thursday, January 14, 2010

Challenging Book Club

I was very challenged in my book club Thursday morning. We are going through the book Axiom by Bill Hybels - a great book that is easy to read. We covered these axioms:
  • Always take the high road (sometimes not as easy as it sounds)
  • Read all you can (something I took a break from since it's a busy month - but should make a priority!)
  • Lead Something (great points AND great discussion. I'm praying about this)
  • Arrive Early or Not at All (can I just say ouch?)
  • I'd Never do this for Money (I can't relate to that one. My job is not a charity!)
  • We Need Us All - (Who have I been there for lately?)

I will recap a little bit more:
Always take the high road. As Bill Hybels mentioned in his book, an older man once told him, "I am an older man now, and never once have I regretted taking the high road. Bless what you can bless. Thank everyone you can thank. Cheer on what is appropriate, and be done with it. page 195. Can I just repeat the last part, be done with it? OK, Be done with it. Leave the yucky stuff behind you and move on.
Read all you can. I was challenged by another individual (A founding owner of Anytime Fitness Corporate) with a $100 prize in AF merchandise if I submit a book report in Feb. on a book I read in Jan. It's the middle of the month and I've only read a few pages. I think maybe, even though this is our busiest month, I should pick up the book and keep reading - it's that important!
Lead Something - this deserves a post all it's own. Stay tuned for that one.
Arrive Early or Not At All - I think this is the New Year's Resolution I have not been wanting to acknowledge!
We Need Us All- "Lean into the empowering presence of God and realize that you're not alone. Reach out to God, and he will reach out to you. He will restore your soul. He will encourage you and inspire you. He will heal you up and set your feet back on course." Here's the part I struggle to believe "He will rally other leaders to your side who will pray for you and walk with you." page 204 What am I doing for others? Do I believe that others will be there for me? Will God provide me with EVERYTHING I need?

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