Sunday, January 10, 2010

A day in the life of Robert the hunter

Robert Hunting - As you can see, this picture was taken a few weeks ago before the weather turned so cold! Now he'll be huddled in a shooting house!

I thought that today would be a good day to describe a day in the life of my son, Robert. One Saturday morning he wakes up and talks with his grandfather about what all they will do at their land today. He rushes to take his shower in his no -scent soap, runs downstairs to make sure his dad uses the no -scent soap in his shower also. He leaves to go to Lowes with his grandfather to buy some things needed for hunting.
To me, hunting is pretty basic, so if you have a gun, some camo, and protection from the elements, what more do you need? I think it was for parts for the 4 wheeler. They get back from Lowes, eat lunch, then leave for hunting. Robert is fortunate that he lives only 30 minutes from where he goes hunting. Dad and sis will follow later.

They want to scope out some land by the big pond, they haven't been there in a while. Their to do list before heading into the woods:
Work on 4 wheeler
feed fish at pond
scout for tracks
check the deer camera and change out the photo card
ride around on 4 wheeler looking for deer markings

At the appropriate time in the afternoon, my guess is 3 pm, they head out to their deer stand. They see a small spike but aren't shooting the small deer, so they pass on it. That was all they saw, so as the sun goes down, they meet up with other fellow hunters, Dad and sister Raeley. The fellow hunters saw three small deer, but passed also as they were holding out for the big deer they could hear in the brush.

They all convene at the cabin and visit with Doug, keeper of the cabin (it's his home), and play with his grandson, baby Tripp.

Robert heads home with dad and sis, meet up with Mom and other siblings at a restaurant, and then head home. All kids do a quick tidy, then Robert settles in with his wii hunting game to sharpen his skills before bed. While he sleeps, he dreams of the big great buck. Sweet Dreams Robert!

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