Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy time of the year

I've not been keeping up with anything on the computer lately. If you now me, you know how awkward that is for me. I've been so busy, it has been easy, though. This is our busy time of the year with our business, so it's all hands on deck. The older kids have wonderfully surprised me with how well they maintained their school work while I have been out of pocket. I sure am glad Cameron got some educational games for Christmas because she hasn't had a real "lesson" much the last two weeks. I will post about some temporary changes we have made to our school schedule soon.

I have had some great learning/growing opportunities lately with work. It's hard when you are in the middle of it but I love feeling challenged like that and learning so much! Fortunately, everything worked out fine and I was able to stick to my convictions about what was right even under pressure. It's never as easy as it sounds and it's easy to second guess yourself. My staff have had great attitudes and are able to laugh at what is going on. It is keeping me laughing, otherwise I might just cry. Laughter is a great source of stress relief and bonding.

February will continue to be like this also, but that is OK, because the beginning of the year is that important to our business. It is busier than usual for us since we opened a gym last month and we are opening a gym right now. I also think it is a good lesson for my kids - we run our own business, so everyone has to "make sacrifices" and do a little extra.
And can you believe I even cut out coffee some this past week, and when I do drink, I have cut my daily consumption in half! I also feel that this hard work is paying off because some of our gyms are exceeding our expectations!

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