Saturday, November 28, 2009


There is so much to be thankful for. God has abundantly blessed our family and our extended family. We had a great Thanksgiving celebration as well. I love it when my entire family is all together. There is just such a feeling of completion. Our family is growing and getting more complex, and as the grandkids are getting older, every year we can all be together I am first of all amazed, and most of all grateful. We had a great Thanksgiving!

My parents are sitting in the middle. To the left of my dad is sister Suzanna, sister Denise, and me. To the right of my mom is Niece-in-law Sarah (wife of Mike), sister Karen, baby McKenzie (Sarah's daughter, Karen's grandaughter), twin sister Kimberly. On the bottom row, starting left, is Cameron, my daughter; Angela, Evelyn, and Amber, Kimberly's daughters.
Middle row from left is Robert and Jonathan, my sons; Lindsay, Denise's daughter; Raeley, my daughter; Jordan, Suzanna's daughter; Emily, Kimberly's daughter; Niece-in-law Kerrie (wife of Luke)
Top row from left is Mark, my husband; Isaac, Denise's husband; Ryan and Josh, Denise's sons; David, Suzanna's husband; Hunter, Suzanna's son; Mike, Karen's son; Bob, Karen's husband; Luke and Jake, Karen's sons; Kevin, Kimberly's husband. 31 people. Sarah is also expecting great-grandbaby #2.

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Cindy Tanner said...

Kristi, your family picture is wonderful. I come from a very small family....1 sister who has 1 son, and Dan has 1 sister who has 1 son! I like your comment on feeling complete with all of your family around. That's how I feel being with my sister. which only happens once or twice a year. Have a great holiday!