Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4th of July

The stars of the parade!
Hangin out on the porch
After my sister Karen's party, we spent the week at the Angelina River Lodge, aka the Fish Camp. We really had a great time! Our family would be joining us later in the week, so we had a few days with just Mema and Big Daddy. We rode jet skis, swam, laid around, read, hunted alligators, fished (the boys), went out on the boat, tubed, and probably our favorite, spent an afternoon on the lake. Mark built a jet ski ramp for the new dock. Mark and I even got to go for a few jogs while we were there.

The family started coming in on Wednesday, and everyone but my niece and two nephews were able to make it. We all really missed them. There were thirty one of us, including a few girlfriends and friends. We had the traditional annual parade and barbeque and boy, just like every year, the food was great!

Can you see the alligator? He lives way back in the slough beside the old dock.

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