Saturday, July 18, 2009

Karen's Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday Karen! Happy 50th birthday big sis!

Ever heard of Sally OMalley? Google it (inside joke). Karen and Denise (my sisters) are looking at some blast from the past photos that resurfaced at the party.

The kids started the dancing off. What great attire! You should have seen the sparkle in Cameron's eyes when she got to wear this skirt!

Evelyn, Cameron, and Angela dancing. Mema is in the background taking a break from dancing with the little girls.

This is Evelyn dancing with Grandmamma (aka Mrs. Kulbeth, Bob's Mom)

Who is this? Oh, Robert, sorry I didn't recognize him for a minute (get it, haircut?). The boys were occupied with fishing. Robert was obsessed with it.

At least Luke knows how to dance Zydeco!

Drinks, anyone?

Everyone danced that night (when they gave up on the Zydeco!). Hopefully my kis will remember all the times of dancing with grandparents and aunts and uncles! Karen and Bob are in this picture with Robert and I (if you could have seen the sweetest look on his face when he was dancing with me! I melted!) and my parents Mema and Big Daddy, are on the left.

What a party! Karen, Mom, Denise, Kimberly, Kristie (with an arm extended to photo shop in Suzanna - ya know, I hear revisionist history is pretty popular right now.) That's Bob (Karen's husband) in the back.

We all had a great time! Once again the Kulbeths proved they know how to throw a great party!

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