Monday, April 6, 2009

The Squirrel

One day, when the air was crisp and the air hung with drops of moisture, the kids were playing in the yard, grateful for a chance to run outside after all the seemingly endless rain. My two boys noticed a squirrel who was not running away as they played around it's tree. It seemed to be upset about something, so after watching it for some time, they caught it with a jacket and carried it home. Jonathan ran ahead to share the exciting news and to see what they could put it in. Raeley came walking home carrying a jacket that housed a terrified little squirrel.

The squirrel, being the token of much affection, seems to be doing nicely, and is a very hospitable furry friend (even if he is a member of the rat family - apologies to my Alpha Gam sisters!). He scurries all over the floor and follows us around. You never know when he's going to scurry up you like a tree and sit on your shoulder or head. His little claws are a scratchy tickle. It's fun to feed him scraps of bread, banana, or cantaloupe and he loves peanut butter. It's so cute the way he sits up and nibbles! We are having so much fun with him!
For you moms who may be worried about germs, squirrels are not prone to carry rabies and they do not really bite when they are young. They do not make good long term pets.

When I was in Jr. High, my sister found a few baby (newborn) squirrels that must have fallen from their nest. That will be another story for another day, but it has been so much fun reliving the tales of Wiggy the squirrel, the lone survivor. We have named our squirrel Squiggy in his memory.


Kysha said...

That is the cutest thing! What was his or her name? I may have missed it.

weavermom said...

I cannot believe you have a squirrel! He is very cute! What will you do with him?

My hubby and I went to DisneyWorld once and I was quite surprised when a squirrel crawled in my lap to help himself to my granola bar. I collect squirrels still, but I wasn't too sure about having a strange one in my lap!! ;)

weavermom said...

Maybe I should clarify - I collect CERAMIC squirrels, not real ones!