Monday, April 20, 2009

I was challenged by a friend's blog to count my blessings, and after my last "dark" post, I thought that was really something that I needed to do!

My Top 10 list of counting my blessings from today.

  1. I slept great last night.
  2. The guy who is working on our back porch is "willing to do what it takes to set it straight" Phew!
  3. I have some staff members I can depend on, who do a great job, and are good at their job!
  4. I had a great staff meeting with Susan.
  5. We completed lots of school today.
  6. We have two squirrely squirrels to play with again. Thanks, Michelle, for squirrel sitting!
  7. I just got back from a great vacation! I can still close my eyes and taste some of the great food and wine!
  8. I am friends with some really cool AF owners who called today just to check in with us!
  9. My little girl loves to give kisses!
  10. I have some great neighbors and their sweet kids play well with my kids.
  11. My boys have great boyscout leaders in boy scouts and next year my son already knows a boy in the boyscout troop he's moving into!
  12. My daughter helped prepare dinner tonight so I could go chat with their awesome boyscout leaders.
  13. My kids are good at housekeeping.
  14. My husband makes me laugh. Sometimes it just takes a look at the right time. Even the mundane can be funny.
  15. I survived today, a day when I didn't know how I could possibly fit it all in.
  16. I serve a God, and it's because of Him I survived a day like today. If you don't follow God, I can't explain it to you, but I'd love to try sometime SO ASK ME.

OK, so I didn't stop at 10. I could keep going, but I still have work to do. Another blessing - it's only fun stuff left and my daughter offered to clean the kitchen.

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Anita said...

Now THAT blesses me!