Tuesday, April 28, 2009

San Francisco, Day Two

Sears Fine Food, always a wait at breakfast.
Hot Fudge Sundae!
Aren't they cute?
Along the boardwalk

Day Two - We went to the famous Sears Restaurant for breakfast. There was a line outside as expected, but we were seated quickly. The food was good, Mark got their famous pancakes and I had a seafood omelet - pretty good but really as good as all the hype? After walking around shops and and art fair, we went to the piers, had a wonderfully delicious ice cream sundae at the Ghirardelli Chocolate factory, visited some art galleries, visited where they made sourdough bread in the shapes of animals, and ate clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. Then we headed to Muir Woods. Absolutely beautiful! We stayed there till the park closed then headed toward the resort. We got to the resort late, but staying at Muir Woods was a highlight of the trip! The trees were unbelievably huge, and it was so calm and peaceful! We really missed having the kids to share that experience with. It was overwhelming to take it all in, there was so much to see.

The resort was nice, as soon as we walked in, there was a big fireplace with couches. We ordered room service (pizza) because it was so late, and dropped to sleep. Do you think we could have fit much more in?

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