Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Summer

Wow, It has been a while since I have posted. Last post was on us attempting seeds. We tried. Twice. All died. I bought two tomato plants which have not produced anything, but my basil from last year reseeded and I have five great plants. My oregano is still alive, and I think 4 watermelon plants are starting to grow from seeds we spit into the bed the seedlings were supposed to be. Maybe next year I should just pour seeds on the ground and water them! Needless to say, I have been enjoying visiting the two organic farms in town and the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.
Cameron with some garlic we braided!

We have all been doing great. The summer is winding down, and we are trying to fit the last of the activities in before we start back to school. Here are a few hilights:
  • Cameron went to Vacation Bible School and a worship for kids camp at Hope Church.
  • Robert spent a week with Raeley at Mosaic, a service-oriented mission trip with daily teaching and worship. He also spent a week at a rock climbing adventure camp at Camp Lake Stephens.
  • Raeley, along with Mosaic, went to an art camp at the Gumtree Museum of Art. She will be spending a long weekend with her grandparents and aunt soon. Robert, Jonathan, and Cameron already spent a long weekend with them recently.
  • Jonathan is leaving for his white water rafting adventure camp at Camp Lake Stephens tomorrow.

  • We went to Birmingham to go to the science museum and Mark took Raeley to photograph the tornado damage. Birmingham is my new favorite close big city. Sorry Memphis
Cameron and our neighbor in the wind tunnel at the science museum.
Robert riding a balance seat at the science museum
Two of my sisters came to stay for a few days and I had a blast!
Our friends who moved last year came in for a weekend and it was GREAT seeing them. I miss having them as neighbors!
A college friend of mine, we were in each other's weddings, came in this summer also and our kids all played great! I'm hoping she can come again soon.

It has been nice spending less time on the computer. I have less duties in the business and I am working on relinquishing control. I've been using that extra time reorganizing the kitchen and utility room. Reorganizing is not my strong suit, and gets me very anxious. I finally realized to just pray and give it to God. It may seem insignificant, but in order for me to handle it, I had to bathe it in prayer. And it's taking me forever, but it's getting done. I just wish I had thought about praying about it sooner. Praying about cleaning house? Even in the little things, God is with us. He is our help WHENEVER we need it.

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